Make the world a little bit brighter and nicer each day!!

That is just one of my many mottoes!
I started this blog because the world is just so stressful! If you can, why not bring a little bit of sunshine into it? That is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. The other reason that I started it is because I'm a writer.

My first passion has always been writing. I have written some fantasy novels but working a full time job and going to school, etc has limited the amount of time that I get for writing. I've always wanted to start a blog as well to spread the sunshine so I'm hoping that this little piece of heaven will satisfy my muse for now. Shes been hounding me about writing and I can't ignore her any longer.

I  hope that you enjoy my blog and take advantage of some of the advice that I've written.

Always remember, think positive, be positive!

--Positive Phe

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