Monday, August 26, 2013

Change up your style!

Hi Sunshines! Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share with you some kewl new ways to de-stress. I've found out that sometimes, a change of style is in order! Not all of us have the financial means to change our style, so I've found a less expensive way. The outfit to your left was compiled by Stylish Eve! I've gone online in search of a less expensive option. Get the complete outfit minus the jacket for less than $105.00
Check back later for more fashion tips!
As always, have a bright ball of sunshiny day!

-Phe :)

Plus Size Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21-$24.80

Regular sized polka dot dress- Forever 21-$14.80


Brown Shades- Forever 21-$5.80

 Purse- Just Fab- $39.95

Brown Pumps- Just Fab $39.95

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